If you’ve never gone to God with the sins in your life, asked for His forgiveness, and turned the keys over to let Him be Lord of your life, I would like to invite you to do that now.

  1. Simply tell Him that you are sorry for the sins you have committed. It’s not necessary to try to name every single sin…that would be impossible for most of us! Just tell Him what is most egregious to you and ask for His forgiveness for all of your sins.
  2. Invite Him to come into your life…to be your Lord and your God.

If this is the first time you have done this, it is highly advisable to find a church where you can connect with a community who will support you in your faith journey. We are not meant to do life alone, and our Lord, who created the Church, wants you to have all of the benefits of being part of His family.

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